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SFJ Design INC

Whether you need to update, repair or remodel your home, you can trust our service to deliver with superior customer service and workmanship. Our vetted handymen come to us with extensive experience and are hard workers. And unlike many contractors, all of our work is guaranteed.

Guaranteed Services
Quality control is built into everything that we do.
Professional Services
We love what we do and take pride in our work.
Emergency services
Our crews are trained to be pro-active to notice and fix even little things.
100% Quality
Often those little things make a big difference.
Professional Services
  • When you need a home repair, simply contact us and we will send you a trained and qualified handyman. In case any hidden problems are discovered during the work, the handyman will stop all work, advise you and wait for your instructions and approval before continuing. .

  • One call does it all. SFJ Design INC can help save time from the first phone call to project completion. Help prioritizing major and minor home repairs and multitasking means we get jobs done faster and better than your typical "handyman for hire."